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School Supervisor

Rev. Kwok Kuen Lee


Mr Kwok Shue Him



Vice Principal

Ms Yuen Soo Hoon



Ms W. Y. Ko
Academic Planning and
Curriculum Development





Senior Teachers

Ms W. P. Yeung
Religion and Student Guidance

Ms H. Y. Tse
Student Displinary

Ms F. K. Au
Student Activities

Mr M. C. Hui
Information Technology








Ms W. C. Law

Mr M. Y. Kwan

Ms N. L. Yu

Ms S. K. Lee





Ms H. Y. Hui

Ms Y. Y. Tsang

Mr H. T. Yue

Ms M. Y. Fu





Ms C. Y. Au

Ms K. K. Cheung

Mr C. T. Wu

Ms H. L. Chiu





Ms T. F. Kwong

Ms F. Gan

Ms H. L. Lam

Ms M. Lee





Mr H. H. Hui

Ms C. M. Wong

Ms H. T. Kong

Ms X. C. Chen





Ms L. I. Wong

Ms P. S. Leung

Mr H. H. Ng

Mr M. C. Chiu





Ms C. P. Yip

Mr H. W. Lau

Ms K. Y. Lau

Mr W. M. Sze





Ms H. R. Wang

Ms B. Sabah

Ms K. Y. Tse

Ms T. W. Chao





Mr Mark

Mr. Daryl







Mr L. S. Lam
Student Guidance Officer (EDB)

Mr K. H. Ng
Assistant Librarian

Mr L. H. Chung
IT Assistant