I warmly welcome you to surf HTPS website.  I hope you can feel the joy of our students from looking at the photos and understanding our school life here.

  The theme for this school year is “Be Grateful and Joyful”.  We hope to enable students to enjoy the fun of reading and explore the treasures from books through encouraging reading.  The attractiveness of reading is to enter a different world where we may not be able to go in our real life.  In there, we are like to meet the author whom we have never met before.  We seem to make good friends with the authors and enter their innermost world.  We seem to be able to feel how they feel and to think what they think.  I tried to contact an author through an online socializing platform after I had read a book with my son.  We told him that we liked his book very much.  Excitingly, we got the feedback from him and we had made friends!

  This year, we have designed a READING WORM which consists of five parts (HTPS – W).  We wish that our students can become a WISE reading worm ultimately by going through the first four stages.  Actually, people will discover that their horizons are widened and their vocabulary bank is richer after reading different kinds of books and articles which are written in different languages.  No matter what other people say, choose a book immediately and try to taste the fun of reading.  How fruitful reading is! 

H ard-working
T alented
P atient
S pecial
W ise