1. Student-centred interactive teaching methods are chosen to let our students learn in a joyful environment.
2. Chinese Language Subject is instructed in Putonghua.  The teaching materials of Maths are written in English while partial teaching materials of General Studies are in English and the rest are in Chinese.  Native English teachers are employed to teach International Cultures for P.1-2 as well as Story for all levels.

3. Implementation of reading schemes encourages extensive reading among the students.  Leveled readers and novels are taught systematically in the curriculum in all grades.
4. To help P. 1 students adapt to the new learning environment, a Dual-Class Teacher System is adopted.  The class size is around 30 students per class.

5. To widen our students’ horizon, regular study tours to mainland China or overseas are organised.
6. Multiple Intelligence Lessons are implemented during the last two lessons every Friday.

1. Regular meetings are held by Parents’ Fellowship every Thursday morning to help parents learn different education theories and build a close rapport with the school and other parents.

2. We nurture our students with care, and joy to arouse children’s self-confidence and enthusiasm.

3. The kitchen is run by our catering staff to provide fresh and nutritious lunch every day.

4. After-School Care Hub is scheduled from 3:40 to 5:30.  Parents who are not available to pick up their children after school may join the class.  The class is in charge by our school teachers.

5. A school-based counselling and personal growth programme is launched.

1. Enhance English learning

English and Putonghua have been our medium of instruction in addition to Cantonese since September 2007.  Native speakers have joined our teaching team.  Our students are encouraged to use these two languages in daily communication.  We hope that this will help our students cope with the subjects instructed by English when they further their studies in secondary schools or international schools.

2. Drama Education

Drama Education has been introduced into our regular curriculum since 2009.  Besides enjoying the fun of learning English, students can challenge themselves by playing different characters and creating their own scripts.

3. Innovation and Technology Centre

Innovation and Technology Centre was established in March 2018.  It acts as a laboratory equipped with 3D printers and a laser cutter.  It helps train our students to master technology and to design and create their innovative products.

4. Multiple Intelligences

To widen students’ horizon and stimulate their potentials and interests in learning, Multiple Intelligence Lessons are carried out every Friday afternoon.  Different courses are hence planned to nurture our students with the goal of endurance, acceptance, appreciation and longing for the beauty of life.  Various extra-curricular activities and interest classes are held after school.

5. Reading Atmosphere

Increasing reading interest is our primary concern.  Besides the Library, students may enjoy reading books from the Reading Corner of the classroom as well as the Mobile Book Cart placed in the playground.  Reading schemes in both Chinese and English are carried out.    Leveled readers and novels are included in the syllabus. HTPS Morning Reading is held on Monday and Wednesday mornings so that students can read in a leisure quiet time with the peer.

6. Parent Education

Parents’ Fellowship and Parents’ Meetings are regularly held to share the theories of parenting and to encourage their families to join the church activities so that they know the truth in Christ.

7. Study Tours

Students can immerse themselves into different cultural contexts and possess a holistic global vision in study tours.  Study tours were held to Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Jinan, Taipei, Canada and Australia.

Besides 24 classrooms, there are School Hall, Covered Playground, Podium Garden, Library, Multi-Media Room, Dance and Music Room, Lecture Theatre, Conference Room, Art Room, Campus TV Studio, Information and Technology Centre and Counselling Room.


  • Self-owned kitchen which provides fresh and nutritious lunch for students every day
  • Mini Weather Station and Solar Panels (sponsored by Environment and Conservation Fund)

Extra-curricular Activities

Boy Scouts, Brownies, JPC, Christian Fellowships, Dancing Teams, Choir, Badminton, Table-tennis, Basketball, Campus TV, Arts, Putonghua Drama, English Drama

Interest Classes

Shaolin Fist, Taekwondo, Arts and Crafts, Roller-skating, Swimming, Cambridge English Courses, Robotics Classes, Mathematical Olympiad, Musical Instruments