Due to the lack of schools catering for children in this district, the Pastoral Parliament of Holy Trinity Church decided to establish Holy Trinity Primary School and Kindergarten in 1948.  The construction cost was partially granted by Mrs Tse (謝梁安女士) so that the Church was able to apply for a land lot from the government.

Besides the grant from Mrs Tse, Holy Trinity Church held a funfair and raised over $10,000 successfully.  At the same time, the Church was granted $50,000 from the To’s Fund (杜培義基金).  To collect more construction cost, a fund-raising event was held on 1 January 1950.  The kindergarten was established in September in the same year.  It was planned that the kindergarten graduates would be promoted to the primary school.  However, the fund raised for the construction cost was less than $300,000 as the government required, so the Church applied for a $150,000-loan from the government.  Regrettably, it was rejected by the Financial Secretary.  Thus, the Church amended the layout and built eight classrooms only in 1952.

Two years after 1952, the government granted an interest-free loan of $100,000 to our school, which was to be returned in ten instalments.  With the provision of this grant, we were able to build the hall and the Pastor’s apartment by 1955.  The debts were settled in 1960.

As the campus was used for over four decades, many facilities were old and worn-out, the School Board decided to rebuild the campus on 17 February 1994.  Considering the financial situations of the Church, the reconstruction was carried out in two phases.  A fund-raising walkathon was held on 9 November 1996.  The teachers, parents and students participated in the walkathon actively.  The campus was partially demolished in April 1997.  The Groundbreaking Ceremony was held in June and piling started in July.  The Foundation Laying Ceremony was held on 30 November.  The first phase of reconstruction was completed in August 1998.  The Opening Ceremony of the New Campus was held on the same day of School Thanksgiving Ceremony on 20 December 1998.

The second phase of the construction plan was passed by the Management Board on 17 October 2000 and it was accepted by the Pastoral Parliament subsequently.  The campus was demolished in April 2001 and piling started in August.  Another fund-raising event was held in November.  The construction was completed by the end of August in 2002 so that our students could use the new campus in September. 

In the new campus, there are 24 classrooms and 10 function rooms, including Library, Kitchen, Multi-Media Room, Visual Arts Room, Activity Room (Table-tennis Room), Computer Room, Speech and Audio Room, Conference Room, Staff Room, Multi-functional Room and Counselling Room.  Besides, there are Indoor Sports Ground, Hall, Basketball Court and Podium (Garden).  These facilities enable the school to implement better educational policies and provide the primary education in a good quality.

Our school started from nothing.  From the past to the present, we have received precious grace from God unfailingly.  Looking back at our school history, it is not difficult to see how God has lifted us through challenges and hence we are willing to share the truth and righteousness of God.  Let us offer our thanks and praise to our Father God!