1. To strengthen students’ ability to apply information technology and establish an appropriate attitude when using computer
  2. To help students think critically so that they are able to cope with challenges and solve the problems by themselves
  3. To help students develop their ability of creativity and collaboration with others
  4. To help students respect and protect intellectual property


  1. To apply information technology effectively
  2. To help students develop a positive attitude towards the application of information technology
  3. To apply the techniques of information technology on learning different subjects


  1. With the aid of different softwares, students are able to develop their generic skills such as solving problems and doing research
  2. Students can learn to operate the computer and apply information technology on cross-curricular learning
  3. Students can master various types of characters input methods
  4. We aim to advocate students’ information literacy and enhance their ability on doing projects, including archiving resources from the Internet as well as developing an appropriate attitude on processing and using data
  5. The Computer Room is open during the Lunch Recess for all students to surf information for doing projects or self-learning
  6. The curriculum for P1 to P3 is to learn the basic application of operating a computer and related software, which is a good foundation for the further study of Computer Literacy
  7. The design of the curriculum for P4 to P6 is school-based.  It integrates the elements of STEM that our students are able to create interesting technological products

School-based activities

  • Computer Ambassadors
  • Robotics Class
  • Coding Workshop
  • Laser Cut Workshop
  • STEM Day
  • 3D Models DIY
  • Campus TV
  • Hour of Code

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