GS provides students with opportunities to integrate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes across the Key Learning Areas of Personal, Social and Humanities Education, Science Education and Technology Education. It promotes creativity through hands-on and minds-on learning experiences and problem-solving process. It emphasizes student enquiry and the development of skills for learning to learn.


  • To maintain healthy personal development and become confident, rational and responsible citizens
  • To recognize students’ roles and responsibilities as members of the family and society and show concern for the common good
  • To develop a sense of national identity and be committed to contributing to the nation and the world
  • To develop curiosity and interest in the natural world and technological world as well as understand the impact of science and technology on society
  • To develop care and concern for the environment and practice green living


  • To adapt the central curriculum in developing their school-based curriculum so as to achieve the learning targets and learning objectives set out in the GS Curriculum Guide
  • To adjust the learning objectives according to students’ needs, interests and abilities
  • To establish a teaching team while taking strengths of the school and teachers’ professional knowledge and capabilities into consideration, organizing learning contents, designing assignments and extended activities
  • To develop new elements of ongoing renewal of the school curriculum, to promote STEM education and coding education, to deepen values education and enhance students’ integrative use of generic skills and to improve learning through effective use of learning and teaching strategies
  • To develop positive values and attitudes, strengthen affective development and nurture a sense of national identity through discussing and analyzing life events
  • To make flexible use of textbooks, choose quality learning and teaching resources, and avoid confining learning to textbooks or written assignments
  • To make good use of community resources to enhance teachers’ professionalism and open up opportunities for promoting life-wide learning