1. To build up confidence and positive attitudes towards Mathematics learning, to value Mathematics and to appreciate the beauty of Mathematics
  2. To strengthen students’ ability in calculation and data processing
  3. To develop students’ ability in different generic skills like numeracy skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and communication skills
  4. To help students learn effective strategies that can solve Mathematics problems
  5. In order to widen students’ horizon, we encourage them to participate in more Mathematics activities or competitions outside the class
  6. To apply Mathematics in everyday life by doing something themselves


  1. Knowledge
    Through doing experiments, project-based learning and reading books related to Mathematics, students are able to comprehend these basic skills:
    (1) Numbers  
    (2) Shapes and Space
    (3) Measurements
    (4) Data processing
    (5) Algebraic equations
  2. Skills
    2.1. To enable students to apply basic application of Mathematics in the areas of numeracy and space
    2.2. To enable students to observe, analyze, comprehend and solve problems with the aid of information technology
  3. Attitude
    To advocate autonomous learning with the aid of multimedia in order to enable students to think independently, work with others cooperatively and review their learning attitude actively


  1. Teaching materials are printed in English while lessons are conducted in Cantonese.  On one hand, such arrangement is to help students learn the Mathematical terms in English so that they can adapt to the curriculum of the secondary school more easily.  On the other hand, this is to enable students to build up a strong foundation of Mathematics learning by using their mother tongue.
  2. We promote reading of books and magazines about STEM and Mathematics.
  3. In order to arouse students’ interest in learning Mathematics, different activities are regularly implemented for students to enjoy the fun of learning Mathematics.  These activities include ‘Fun Maths Club’, ‘Quick Calculation Game’, ‘Maths Orienteering’ and ‘Think Maths’.

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