In the academic year 2023, our school will add French, an international language, as a topic to its curriculum. The class will be instructed in French by a native speaker.


  • To allow children to study a language other than their native tongue to increase their awareness of other cultures.
  • To assist students in fulfilling requirements for other academic topics

Course Objectives
In the first year of study, it is our goal to give students a fundamental knowledge of the language. The degree of difficulty will increase over time to help students become fluent in the language. By the end of their time in HTPS, students should be able to communicate in French using sophisticated linguistic structures.

There will be discussion on a range of subjects, including family, friends, school, societal issues, and more. Each topic strives to improve various skills in students, especially the four fundamental skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening). Students are encouraged to participate in the Delf A.1.1 exam or the more difficult Delf A1 exam in Years 5 and 6.