Integrated Arts is one of our self-designed subjects which is based on our students’ needs. We believe that every single child is uniquely created by our God Father.  What we have to do is to explore their special talents. 

We discover that there is no absolute true or false when expressing arts. This enables students to explore their sky boundlessly.  During the process of exploration, students are encouraged to appreciate the diversities among different people.  We hope that they will find their own interests one day.

Story of putting IA into practice

A few years ago, we were thinking and looking for a new way to cater for our students’ needs.  We found that their interest in learning music was lowering; however, we believed that most students should be fond of music intrinsically.  With our thankful regards, we co-worked with a professional performer to integrate elements of arts, music and body movement into a curriculum.

We started planning the structure of the new subject and held a pilot project “Holy Trinity DreamWork”with the P5 students in July 2017.  There were several teams for students to work in, including Directors, Sceenwriters, Actors and Actresses, Dancers, Props and Costumes, Background, Music, Stage Lighting, Computer Effects as well as Photographing.  Surprisingly, the students enjoyed the process and the performance a lot.  During the process, what made us the teachers moved a lot was, the students did never argue, all of them were committed to their own tasks. 

They performed better than what we had expected with a high level of cooperation.  They demonstated how children could learn best in a positive environment with adequate appreciation and recognition.  This triumph proved that the implementation of Integrated Arts could be a right choice to our school that appreciation, collaboration, commitment, creativity and expression of thoughts can be nurtured.

Course Outline

P1:Students are able to feel the musical beat through learning different body movements.

P2:Students are able to feel the warm colours and cool colours through learning different colour tones as well as dots and lines drawing.

P3:Students are enable to tell the difference of the music tones by drawing traditional Chinese paintings and listening to Chinese music at the same time.

P4:Students are able to feel the movement of music through beating balls.

P5:Students are able to create their own artwork and arrange a performance after the appreciation of the African music and culture.

P6:Students are able to make their own microfilm by integrating elements of Chinese Operas, Western Operas or Musicals