We believe that music is the best gift from God that people can start learning from new born infants. Through music appreciation, children are inspired and explore their potentials of music.  They are able to develop their imagination, widen their horizon in learning music and empower their ability of playing music which can develop their self-confidence.


1. Make students be more creative and imaginative

– Learn to produce melody and sound effects by using basic skills and ideas

2. Help students to develop their interest in learning music

– Learn to recognize various musical instruments
– Learn to sing in unison and parts
– Learn to read musical score and music theory

3. Enhance students’ ability of music appreciation

– Learn to recognize sounds and the characteristics of music
– Learn to express the feelings of various pieces of music
– Learn to describe and analyze various music styles

4. Integrate music into daily life

– Music is lively that students can taste various styles from different cultures in their daily life.


To provide opportunities for our students to enjoy Music, we encourage them to participate in different music training groups such as Ocarina, Percussion and Strings.  Our School Choir serves to sing and praise our Lord in Services.  Our Recorder Team was established in 2017.  Members of the team have participated in competitions as well as performances inside and outside our school.  To broaden students’ sense of music, performances by professional musicians to play music at school are arranged.  Sometimes, we take our students to join the music concerts at the Concert Hall.

School-based Activity

Annual Music Day is organized to promote music appreciation and enrich students’ knowledge in music. Interesting themes such as Favourite Cartoon Songs or DIY Percussion and Strings were introduced.

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